Maya Swimwear Bikinis new collection


Hello #MAYAGIRL! We've been dreaming about visiting the beach lately. Having salty hair, sandy beach bums and beautiful bikinis... Isn't that the perfect summer getaway?

But sometimes we're facing some "problems" with it…

  1. I need new Bikinis.
  2. My bikini body is not ready.
  3. I dont know exactlly what style is good for me.

When our dreams get crushed by reality, we try to un-crush it. So this is our gold rule: "If you want something, make it happen!!!"

Here are some ideas for this summer:

Shop the Poisson Red

Red is the colour for swimwear this year. This plain basic would be the perfect all-year round swimwear for both the beach and the hot tub in winter! And the best of all is you can Mix and Match with so many prints from our New & Old Collection.

Shop the Pineapple Fest

Pineapple prints has been all the rage since last summer, and it doesn't seem to be going away yet!



Shop the One-Piece swimsuit

We’re so in love with our Maya Unlimited One-Piece bikinis with mesh details that covers enough of the front and back. It mesh detail gives you a sexy medium back coverage and create an unforgettable tummy control. So don't be worry about your body shape, our Bikinis are designed for the real woman body.

So, remember... you can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf and a bikini is required!

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