The Designer

The Designer


Maya is the brainchild of third generation Argentine designer Carolina Dinardi. Her life-long fascination with design began at the age of five when her grandfather, a humble but highly-skilled Italian shoe designer, demonstrated that he could transform the silhouette of any object Carolina chose into a sketch of a beautiful shoe. Carolina was thrilled and in her young mind her grandfather's creativity and skill were the most wonderful and magical things she had ever seen.

Emboldened by her early success, Carolina was determined to pursue fashion designs as a career and for the next eight years honed her design skills under the direction of several celebrated Argentine fashion designers. However, Carolina never lost sight of her dream of launching her own swimwear line and introducing her design in other parts of the world. In 1999, Carolina decided she was ready to pursue her dream and soon found herself sketching away obsessively, forever inspired by a random object of beauty and determined to capture her vision and make it reality.

MAYA'S first collection was introduced in the United States in 2001.


The main idea of my design is to combine glamour, style and femininity, without losing freedom. I want people to feel the confidence that comfort gives and have fun with it", says Carolina Dinardi , designer and founder of MAYA Swimwear.

Carolina Dinardi